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What Makes MeHR

MeHR is a secure app for you & your family for storing and accessing all medical records & documents anytime, anywhere with a single click

Medical Records Vault

Securely Store your and your family's important documents, medical records & reports, birth certificates & much more.

Access Your Records Easily

Our application offers a user friendly design for you to access & share all your documents with a single click.

Health ID Generation

Generate Your Health ID which is a universal key helping medical practitioners access your all your medical records.

Claim Your Insurance

Securely store all your and your family's medical records to ensure easy and comfortable claims in a single go.

How Does It Work?

Experience MeHR In Simple Steps


Generate Health ID

Start by generating your unique health ID and create your personal profile


Upload Health Records

You can start by uploading all your important documents, health & medical records, and much more.


Log in Vitals

Maintain your vital diary by logging in your daily vitals like blood pressure and much more.


Share Details

Share your health records, documents, and certificates with medical practitioners for stress-free life.


Access Records in Real Time

Claim your insurance, be prepared for emergencies by storing all your documents and policies in one place.


Get Reminders

Set and get reminders and never miss out on appointments, medicines, and other important activities.

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The App Will Be Available Soon On Your Smartphone.

Get Ready to download the MeHR app – The most secured & simple application, access all your medical health records hassle-free.

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Frequently asked Questions

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To make this experience easy, we have tailor-made answers to some of your asked queries for you.

MeHR is a one-stop E-solution for you & family that allows you to store, secure & access the medical documents anytime, anywhere through an app. Download now!
MeHR is your solution for storing and accessing important medical records on your mobile phones. The data stored is secure and can be used anytime, anywhere in case of an emergency. It allows you to store all your family member’s medical records in one place and in an organized manner. Important documents like certificates prescriptions, and medical documents can be stored at a central location and at your fingertips. You can take charge of your medical records without hustling through prescriptions and lab reports from different places before visiting a doctor. You’ll have everything organised and accessible.
MeHR provides you a host of easy-to-use features with maximum security for your documents. It can prove to be an efficient family healthcare management tool as one can retrieve documents anywhere, anytime. With MeHR, your records are in safe hands and are perfect to use in case of emergencies. Unlike health lockers, you can store your medical documents for free at MeHR .
MeHR is completely free and will never cost you anything even in the future. The app is free for life to register and use.
A health locker helps the users keep medical records safely and access them whenever required.
An electronic health record is a digital record of your health information. It includes information like medical history, vital signs, allergies details and much more.
A personal health record is a record of medical documents and other information related to the care of an individual is maintained by them.
A medical health record are digital records of a patient's particular case. It is used to track the progress of the patient overtime and improve the treatment.
Overall EMRs,MHRs and PHRs are used to track data over time and identify patients independently while monitoring and improving the care process. Electronic Health Records. (EHR) focus on the patient's overall well-being, going beyond clinical information. An EHR is controlled and maintained by the doctors. However, PHR is maintained and stored by an individual. MHR on the other hand is the digital records of a patient's conditions for a particular case. It is used to track regular progress and suggest improvements in the treatement.
A health locker is essential to maintain organized records of an individual or a patient for reference. A well-maintained health locker makes it easier for doctors or health care providers to make decisions about a patient's care.
A Consent manager is a system or a set of policies that allow consumers or patients to determine what health information they are willing to permit their various care providers to access.
Consent Management is used to inform visitors about the types of data they'll collect and what they will use it for. It enables patients and consumers to affirm their participation in e-health initiatives and to establish consent directives to determine who will have access to their protected health information, for what purpose, and under what circumstances.
The data initially will be stored securely on our private database and will be shifted soon to the NDHM server maintained by The ministry of health and family welfare.
All medical records are stored securely on the app. We prioritize your privacy and all your personal information is never shared with a third party without your consent.
MeHR provides a unique Health ID for each user
You can contact us directly via WhatsApp or call us in case of any problem. We will guide you through your journey. You can also simply upload your documents on the app. So that all your data is digitized in one place and in your control.

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